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Bright Future Holdings Ltd. constructs residential and commercial landmarks in Bangladesh with exceptional architectural precision. Thus, excelling in the real estate sector attributable to the company’s ability to comprehend and create exceptional landmarks. Ascending toward creating unique addresses for the people.

Bright Future Holding Ltd. entails an incredible aspect of innovation and class in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2014, the company has a long 8 years heritage of serving and patronizing the nation towards development with diversified industries like Real Estate. We design and establish spectacular services to our client that breeds loyalty and trust.


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Project Overview:

Project Management is a methodology originally developed for the construction industry for controlling schedules, costs, and specifications. Over a period of time, it was discovered that the same techniques tweaked a little actually apply to all industries starting from manufacturing to the high technology operations.

Project management is an art of setting up all the components of a project together to work in sync. A logical approach to bind the various components together with effective planning improves the chances for a successfully delivered project. A real estate project differs from any other domain in terms of the number of different components it involves.

The complexity of these components if not dealt with maturity with a persistent approach may lead to disastrous results for the project. Though there are various ways of cost estimation for real estate projects, the unit cost for the bill of quantities works best. The easiest way to estimate is to break down the project into tasks.Once tasks are defined and resources are assessed with their respective quantities are mapped, it is then time to assign unit costs.Scale economies and diseconomies do have an impact which in turn results in a range applicable to all construction projects. While mapping the basic costs, it is also important for a project manager to take into account the joint costs involved. An allocation factor for cost bifurcation must be taken into account for accurate estimates.

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Construction projects have some unique features with a respect to other industrial projects. The construction industry is a unique industry with its own inherent complications that involve multiple stakeholders and agencies. Dependent on contractors and seasonal labor force it has multiple linkages with other industries. Productivity and safety hazards are peculiar to this industry.

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